Masters degree in Public Health European

The Master of Science in European Public Health provides you with the background and skills to analyse public health systems throughout Europe, and to prepare, support and monitor high-level decision-making processes in European institutions, in government, and in public and private organisations.
You will be equipped with the innovative research methods, analytical tools and management instruments needed to operate effectively in policymaking and development at organisational, regional, EU-regional, national and European levels.

The programme will help you to develop the skills and knowledge to:

  • compare health and healthcare in various European settings
  • search for and identify best practices
  • foster the transfer of best practices
  • advise on the innovation and implementation of best practices in new situations.

This one-year research and policy oriented programme is taught in English.

“Ultimately, I want to inspire and teach others on how to improve European health systems.”Maja Milkowska, Poland
Master’s student European Public Health
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