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European Floristry Masters Degree Re-invented

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Some important developments regarding the European Master in Floral Design / International Bachelor in Floral Design have occurred recently. Please see this news article of ours to read about these changes.

Earlier Happenings:

In the years 1998 – 2001, quite some efforts were made to create a European top-education (vocational training) on NVQ-level 4plus for the floristry branch. Amongst others input was given by the University Twente by conducting an investigation of the needs in the branch as to higher education and developing a detailed blueprint of the EMFD, which was thought to consist of 4 modules of each about a month.

After completion and piloting this EMFD course has been implemented once (2001 and 2002) with a group of 15 students of 3 countries (NL, DE, FI) with the aid of the Leonardo da Vinci fund. It was evaluated very positively by the students as well as external observers. Nevertheless a follow up couldn’t take place, as the costs appeared to be too high and the time required apparently couldn’t be afforded easily.
New developments.
Recently two new developments gave new perspective to the EMFD:
1. an already existing international network of floristry schools successfully created 9 different modules in 9 different schools / competence centres. These modules are shorter (10 – 12 days) and the schools use the Leonardo exchange fund to reduce the costs.
2. Stoas Highschool (Den Bosch) in co-operation with the Dutch Florist Association succeeded in having an experiment for an Associate Degree in “Education and Knowledge management Floral Art”. A new EMFD course could be a part of this new (half bachelor) financed education.

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