Best Study Abroad Locations in Europe

Making the Most of Your Study Abroad in Europe

Study Abroad Europe: Make the most of it

This article is for people who are currently studying in Europe or look to study in the future. I am writing it to help you get around Europe efficiently on a budget. Read on and I will teach you how to fly around Europe for under $10 and get bus tickets to major English cities starting at 1.50£.

Learn your objective

Regardless of your original intentions for studying abroad in your specific country, try to make the most of it. If you are studying in a place for a specific reason (i.e. to learn a language), then do it. Embrace the local way of life, hang out with locals, and learn to love a new culture. Realize that there are some things you will always be able to do when at home, and some that you will not. For example, you will always be able to go out and party, but you might not always get a chance to take a stroll through Rome with some Italians while practicing your Italiano. On the other hand, how often to you get to tangibly see the effects of the Cold War first-hand?

What you need to know

Europe is an interesting multi-cultural blend of countries packed in to a small geographic region of the world. The good news for that is by traveling for just a few hours you can find yourself in a completely new place with a different language and culture. As you study in Europe you will have an opportunity to get to know the country that you are in, as well as see new ones. If you want to do this on a budget, you can easily. It just takes some planning.

How to get around?

As you will quickly find out, most European nations have very good public transportation options. Buses and trains link nearly all major European cities. Additionally, there are a number of budget airline companies with very cheap flights.

Also, be open to different methods of traveling, such as carpooling. Most people never think about looking for a carpool, but carpooling can be a reliable and economical way of getting around. Check the country specific links in the page above.

Where to stay?

In my opinion, your best bet is hostels. Hostels are extremely common in Europe. They vary substantially in price depending on the city. In parts of Eastern Europe you could easily pay less than $10 for a night. In Western Europe, it would be challenging to find accommodation for less than $20 during the busy season.

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