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Professional Candle Making School in France

Logo of The Candle Academy, French RivieraThe Candle Academy, French Riviera:
Study at Europe's leading candle making school which offers year-round, one-to-one courses taught in English or French by one of the world's top candle designers - Gary Simmons. Located in the beautiful resort town of Antibes, just 20 minutes from Nice international airport on the French Riviera, we provide premium courses that suit students who want to start a candle-related business, or those who wish to learn candle making as a hobby. As well as our hands-on courses in the South of France, we provide comprehensive distance learning courses (taught via email correspondence and assessment of the student's work through photos and test answers returned).


Why Choose The Candle Academy?

- Study Essential Candle Making Skills
Our qualifications in the candle business offer you the creative, technical and commercial skills you need to profit from this profession.

- Unleash Your Creative Potential
All of the techniques you find here have been created by years of working with wax and the many possibilities it has to offer to the creative mind.

- Evolve Your Style
Candle making is like being a chef - it is all about timing and being organized. The one thing to remember is that you can never rush a candle. Sometimes mistakes can become new designs, or one creation evolves into another.

Photos of The Candle Academy, French RivieraSchool Founder - Gary Simmons:
Gary is one of the world’s leading candle designers, and has been actively participating in this market for over 20 years. He has been a design consultant for large candle companies in London, Los Angeles and Shanghai, and his work has been seen on French television many times as well as in major newspapers and magazines.

Expert Candle Making Techniques:

Candle techniques can take years to learn yet if shown properly can be taught through formulas. These formulas are highly guarded by candle makers as they translate not only into ideas but also into revenue. Everything that is taught is an accumulation of being active in this market place for 20 years covering every aspect of it.

Photo of Professional Candle Making School in France Image of Professional Candle Making School in France
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