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Logo of Accademia Riaci, Florence- Summer Intensive Art Therapy Option (2-week course taught in English)

Located in the heart of Florence, Accademia Riaci provides summer art courses and culinary arts programs to students from around the world. One of the leading art and design academies in Italy, we offer intensive summer programs in fashion, photography, painting, drawing, graphic design, interior design, jewelry making among many others.

Our summer art, craft and design programs are taught in English or Italian. You can choose to study for 1 week, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 8 weeks or 12 weeks. Private lessons are also available. Students of all levels of experience are welcome to attend - from beginners to experienced, professional artists.

Students completing our summer art program will work directly with distinguished Florentine artists in studio. The academy's faculty are top artists of each field, united by the mission of inspiring next generation artists with unique tradition and artistic knowledge.

Logo of Arts University BournemouthThe student-teacher ratio is kept small to maintain the school's policy that values each students' originality and learning styles. You will receive tailored, hands-on instruction and extensive career development. If you attend for 4 weeks or more, you may have the opportunity to earn college credit.
Fully-Inclusive Summer Program:
This program provides the opportunity to personalize your own course curriculum, selecting and exploring the study areas you prefer (1 or 2 majors per week). You will also engage in guided art-visits, and cultural excursions in Florence and the Tuscany region.

Intensive Summer Art, Craft & Design Courses
Study for 1 / 2 / 4 / 8 / 12 weeks
- Bag Design
- Bag Making
- Ceramics
- Fashion Design
- Furniture Making
- Glass Art
- Graphic Design
- Interior Design
- Jewelry Design
- Jewelry Making
- Painting
- Paintings Restoration
- Product Design
- Shoe Design
- Shoe Making
- Wood Carving & more..

Logo of French Summer Classes, CannesFurther Summer Programs:
- All-inclusive Summer Package: Customize your curriculum by selecting 1 or 2 majors to study each week.
- Culinary Art - Italian Home Cooking

Specific contact pages

Arts University Bournemouth (AUB), established in 1885 as a specialist institution, is now a leading University offering high quality specialist education to UK & international students in art, design, media and performance across the creative industries. The University offers a range of bespoke 1-5 week summer courses in a range of fields including Photography, Fashion, Make-up, Film Making, Architecture, English language + Art and Design courses, portfolio preparation, and more..

Bournemouth is located in the county of Dorset on the south coast of England, just 2.5 hours drive from London. When you join one of our summer courses you will have access to the university's state-of-the-art facilities, modern equipment and one of the largest art and design libraries in the south of England. You will meet industry professionals, and find out why the UK has always been an influential creative resource.

We remain passionate about our subjects and continue to encourage curiosity, risk-taking and adventure in exploring and pushing subject knowledge and its boundaries.

Quirk Books Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children)
Book (Quirk Books)

Even in 2011 BUSH is fighting it..

by deckhand

Bush Opposes 9/11 Query Panel February 11, 2009 9:08 PM
(CBS) President Bush took a few minutes during his trip to Europe Thursday to voice his opposition to establishing a special commission to probe how the government dealt with terror warnings before Sept. 11.
Mr. Bush said the matter should be dealt with by congressional intelligence committees.
CBS News Correspondent Bill Plante reports that Mr. Bush said the investigation should be confined to Congress because it deals with sensitive information that could reveal sources and methods of intelligence. Therefore, he said, the congressional investigation is "the best place" to probe the events leading up to the terrorist attacks

Opportunity in America. Part 2

by Ti-Block

How do we explain this? Some of it has to do with persistent discrimination. Latinos and African-Americans still get paid less than whites, and women still get paid less than men, even though they recently surpassed men in the number of advanced degrees they obtain. Though gender disparities in the workplace are less than they once were, there is still a glass ceiling: women are sorely underrepresented in top corporate positions and constitute a minuscule fraction of C.E.O.’s.
Discrimination, however, is only a small part of the picture. Probably the most important reason for lack of equality of opportunity is education: both its quantity and quality

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rAiNbOwZRuLe <3
I am in an ACE school will they accept me if I go to regular high school?

I went to an ACE school this year. They boosted me up a grade there by a diagnostic test. I've done really good in my work too. I also take online classes. I have to catch up on some classes this summer. Once I get my credits for those classes will Pubic School accept me even though I didn't finish 8th grade in regular public school? I'm really scared. I don't want to stay at this school the rest of my high school because I don't think it will look good on my college transcripts because I'm the only one in my grade..

I was home-schooled from 3rd grade through High School. If you were skipped a grade you will probably not "fit in" if you choose to go to a public High School. But legally all public schools have to accept you attending high school. Home School students are admitted to some of the most prestigious schools in the country every year.

Have you considered dual enrollment? One option used by many homeschoolers is enrolling as a high schooler at a community college. Through these classes, you can earn both high school and college credit (this is usually called…

Yahoo! Girl
Living in London for summer post grad?

I really want to go to London and I never studied abroad so I'm thinking about going next summer, after I graduate. Does anyone know of good programs or websites that will help me figure out how to do this? Most are undergrad study abroad programs but I kind of want to go and study/work/intern. I'm a psychology major looking to go into clinical psychology or clinical social work for grad school. Help? Thanks.

Hey there....take a look at the Developmental Disorders project with Leave UR Mark. It is perfect for Psychology majors. It's not in London but it will certainly be a lot cheaper and a lot more culturally different than London. It's usually for U.S. and European students who want some summer or post-grad experience interning in a different country. I did a writing internship with them last year and it was great because of the experience and for my resume. Here's the link!

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