Summer University Program Europe

• Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence • UNESCO Chair in Cultural Heritage Management and Sustainability •

19thInternational Summer University in Kszeg, June 20 - July 4, 2014

Participation fee:

The participation fee of the International Summer University is € 400 and covers the cost of tuition, meals (lunch and dinner), field trips, and social and cultural events throughout the entire program. Students may apply to the Institute for Social and European Studies Foundation for a scholarship. ISES will offer scholarships to MA and PhD students.

The application package must include the following documents:

1) Completed with special attention to the motivation letter

2) Curriculum Vitae (please include information on your previous study abroad if any: programs, countries, dates attended)

For further information please contact:

Who is Sovereign? Citizenship in Europe and Beyond

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The 2013 summer university will include a series of diverse but interconnected themes such as:
The European Crisis: New Opportunities for Central European Cooperation?
Creative Cities and City Assemblies: Can these ’New Players’ revitalize Europe within the context of the Danube Strategy?
The Viability of EU Citizenship: Special focus on Vulnerable Groups in East Central and South Eastern Europe such as the Roma, migrants, women, handicapped people, the aged and youth
The EU in a Global Context: What Can Europe and Latin-America learn from each other about integration and modernization

The workshops and conferences are sponsored and supported by the Central European Initiative, the International Visegrad Fund, the EU Commission DG Resarch and Innovation, the Jean Monnet Action, the Hungarian Foreign Ministry and the UNESCO.

Participants and speakers come from EU memberstates, mainly from the larger Danubian region, as well as from outside of Europe. The Central European Initiative has offered 20 scholarships for students coming from CEI countries. Further scholarships are available from ISES and the Hungarian Foreign Ministry.
The summer university will be accompanied by a Central European and Roma Cultural Festival, the ’European Melange’, opened by Her Excellency Katalin Bogyay, the president of the General Assembly of UNESCO.
The summer university will be opened by keynote speeches of Central European diplomats and politicians followed by a roundtable discussion that will include all the participants.

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by inday

Hi! I know that you can earn a 22-unit TESOL certificate in 2 summer sessions and 1 winter session at Azusa Pacific University (APU) just outside Los Angeles, California where my NY-born husband and I have been living for several months now.
To be accepted in APU's program, one must secure an overseas teaching contract w/ a group like Educational Services International (ESI), whose website ( and toll-free phone # (1-800-895-7955) is listed above too.
ESI deploys to Russia, Central Asia, Central Europe, the Mediterranean, and China, and they've in fact started the recruitment process for SY 2003-2004, so the sooner you call (M-F, 9 a

Traveling abroad

by bentonj6

Im studying at cambridge university just outside of london this summer and have never been overseas. my program starts in july but i wanted to do some traveling on my own before. i have about 2 months (may and june) or so to see europe and dont even know where to start. i want to see all the big cities and historical sites while in europe
does anyone have suggestions on how to plan a trip independently or know of any tour companies or travel guides?
advise or suggestions?

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rAiNbOwZRuLe <3
I am in an ACE school will they accept me if I go to regular high school?

I went to an ACE school this year. They boosted me up a grade there by a diagnostic test. I've done really good in my work too. I also take online classes. I have to catch up on some classes this summer. Once I get my credits for those classes will Pubic School accept me even though I didn't finish 8th grade in regular public school? I'm really scared. I don't want to stay at this school the rest of my high school because I don't think it will look good on my college transcripts because I'm the only one in my grade..

I was home-schooled from 3rd grade through High School. If you were skipped a grade you will probably not "fit in" if you choose to go to a public High School. But legally all public schools have to accept you attending high school. Home School students are admitted to some of the most prestigious schools in the country every year.

Have you considered dual enrollment? One option used by many homeschoolers is enrolling as a high schooler at a community college. Through these classes, you can earn both high school and college credit (this is usually called…

Yahoo! Girl
Living in London for summer post grad?

I really want to go to London and I never studied abroad so I'm thinking about going next summer, after I graduate. Does anyone know of good programs or websites that will help me figure out how to do this? Most are undergrad study abroad programs but I kind of want to go and study/work/intern. I'm a psychology major looking to go into clinical psychology or clinical social work for grad school. Help? Thanks.

Hey there....take a look at the Developmental Disorders project with Leave UR Mark. It is perfect for Psychology majors. It's not in London but it will certainly be a lot cheaper and a lot more culturally different than London. It's usually for U.S. and European students who want some summer or post-grad experience interning in a different country. I did a writing internship with them last year and it was great because of the experience and for my resume. Here's the link!

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