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Roxine at Grenoble1Pre-Departure:

After a nerve wracking few weeks of waiting, the news came from Grenoble that I had been accepted for the 2013 Summer School program, and the administrative process accompanying travel soon began.

First on the agenda was to book flights, as this is a prerequisite before one is able to apply for a Visa. Fortunately, the trip to France warranted a slightly larger travel bursary from Stellenbosch University, and I was quickly able to find an Air France flight online.

Roxine at Grenoble3Appointments for Visa applications at the French Consulate need to be made well in advance, especially during the busy June/July season. Only being able to find a slot two weeks after I had called the consulate, I applied for my Visa a mere ten days before my flight was due to depart. Trying to disguise nervousness, I arrived with all of my supporting documents (some of them printed in triplicate)- acceptance letters from Grenoble, proof of accommodation, travel insurance and flight details. Thanks to the notorious efficiency of the French, the process of Visa approval and delivery took no more than a week, which was a great relief.

Roxine at Grenoble2

A lot of correspondence with Grenoble INP also took place prior to my departure, since Summer School candidates all have to be registered, just as normal students would be. We were also provided with travel insurance by Grenoble INP. Luckily, communicating with the host university was easy and efficient, as the Summer School is assigned its own co-ordinating intern at Grenoble INP, who personally addresses any queries received and keeps in constant contact with the incoming students.

Foreseeing quite a bit of additional travel during my stay in Europe, I also opted for a Eurail Global pass ( which provides virtually unlimited travel on European railway networks during a chosen time period, with the only additional costs being compulsory reservations for busier, high-speed trains and overnight lines.

In terms of finances, I made use of a Cash Passport from FNB (it is also available through a variety of other banks).Politecnico di Torino This takes the form of a debit card, and can be topped up at any time, with any amount of money (which is immediately converted into the chosen foreign currency). Although ATM withdrawals included a small fee, I was able to swipe the card at any point of sale with no additional cost, which proved very convenient. (

Not being one to abandon my exciting, last-minute method of organisation, I left the venue of my last June exam and went straight to the airport to check-in.

Summer School:


Lectures were rather long (some spanned over three hours with a 15 minute coffee break in the middle), with the motivation being that mornings would be spent covering academic content so that students would have free afternoons to explore the city and surrounding areas.

European Synchrotron Radiation Facility Neel Institute

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Wizz Air from Skopje to 14 European destinations  — MINA
Wizz Air from Skopje to 14 European destinations. Thursday, 08 May 2014.

Asymptotic Combinatorics with Applications to Mathematical Physics. A European Mathematical Summer School held at the Euler Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia, July 9-20, 2001
Book (Springer)


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