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summer dance intensive europe


ABS WorkOut
Before or after your balletclass, you can take this work out especially for the abdomninal. Please bring a towel, the work out will mainly be on the floor.

Cool down, relax and stretch your body in this 10 minute flexibility stretch. Suitable only after you have done class. Your muscles need to be absolutely warm while working on the flexibility of your body.
Je spieren moeten goed warm zijn tijdens het rekken, deelname is alleen mogelijk na het volgen van de voorafgande balletletles.

We have pointe classes in different levels. You will find Pointe Introductory, Technique-class and Pointe repertory as well. Students that prefer not to work with pointe shoes, may strengthen feet by doing pointe class on regular ballet shoes.
Please note if the teachers concludes that you are not ready to work with pointe shoes yet, you will have to take them off at once and join the training on regular balletshoes.
Er wordt rekening mee gehouden dat het niveau van (amateur)studenten van de verschillende scholen afwijkend kan zijn. De moeilijkheidsgraad wordt per les aangepast.

Fast Forward Pointe & Flexibility
Fast Forward class is a 60 minutes intensive ballet-training with Stamina Barre, pointe technique & flexibility Stretch. The high speed barre non stop is especially for toning and shaping thin thighs.

Workshops are available for all levels. With some of our workshops it might be necessary to have certain technical skills while other workshops will be suitable for students with a basic level or no dance experience at all.

Festivals & summer stock: ... our annual review of Canada, the U.S. and Europe shows there's a program to suit every taste and mood.: An article from: Opera Canada
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Any Italian Speakers Out there? I need your help

by dualstarr

I am taking a trip to Europe this summer with a stop in Verona Italy to tour the city and check out their Opera and Ballet. I have been told that both the Opera and Ballet are in English...One problem....There website is not (No I wish I had studied Italian in school and not Spanish.
Can someone who speaks Italian take a look at the website and let me know what will be playing while I am in town and how much tickets will cost?
I am traveling alone so I only need one ticket and I will be there July 12th and 13th and am open to either of those dates

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Summer Boarding schools, perferably in the states, canada or in europe!?

Well, ive decided with my parents that i should join a Summer boarding school. Im currently in 8th grade, and going to a public college prep school. But when in the summer i will be counted as a 9th grader. Does anybody have any suggestions for a Summer program, or summer boarding school suggestions?? Also, if they have any activities?? ANYTHING YOU SUGGEST THAT YOU HAVE GONE TOO! and also a mixed boys and girls boarding school.

There are many boarding schools in the US and Canada that offer a summer boarding program. Perhaps the best-known are Exeter, Andover, and Choate, but there are many more.

Go to and do a search of summer programs. Most summer programs have a focus on academics. There are some that focus on sports, writing, languages, etc.

If there is a specific area that interests you, post it. It might help narrow down your choices.

Top (international) boarding schools in Europe?

I'm going to be transferring soon to a boarding school in Europe and I'm deciding on which ones to apply to. Any suggestions?

-Tuition is of no relevance at the moment
-Preferably performing art high school, but doesn't have to be
-International if not in England
-Well known; good school in general

Thank you!

I'd recommend The Seven-Oaks School in England, Aiglon College in Switzerland and Le Rosey in Switzerland. Of all of these I like Le Rosey best. It's super expensive though, you said tuition wasn't an issue but all of these cost around 80.000-90.000 a year. But they are really nice. Le Rosey has two campuses; a winter campus at a luxury ski resort and a summer/fall one in a old chateau near Lake Geneva.

But if you're planning on transferring next fall you better send your application in right now, it might even be too late, especially for English ones, I remember one that…

Where can I find a summer holiday job as a teacher?

I am a teacher, and I am off from July 7th to August 22nd. Does anyone know where I can get a job abroad for those 6 weeks? I'm not bothered necessarily about pay, more about the travelling experience, and I don't want to pay to do it. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Go and work at an american summer camp
Go to Europe and work in a boarding school (either in the boarding house or as a teacher)
Go somewhere where it isn't 'summer break' and do some substitute teaching.

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