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trip to the louvre paris on summer european program abroad


Background • Since its formation in the early 1990s, the European Union has provided a network for cross-cultural communication, understanding, and exchange. Composed of 28 member states, it now includes approximately 500 million citizens, speaking 24 official languages. Despite monetary and political unification, each country maintains the richness of its individual identity through its customs, traditions, languages, regional history, and cuisine. Join us to experience a fascinating cross-section of Europe, by exploring the incredible cultural diversity and natural beauty of Switzerland, Italy, France, and Holland.

Population • Our first stop is a village in the Swiss Alps, home to approximately 4, 000 people during the summer, but whose population nearly triples in the winter during ski season. In Italy, our time is split between the beautiful Renaissance city of Florence (population ~ 400, 000), and a medieval walled fortress town on the Adriatic coast (population ~ 32, 000). Paris, the “City of Lights” is home to nearly 2.5 million of the country’s 65 million people. While biking through the Dutch countryside, we stop to explore a number of small towns along the way. We end in Amsterdam, Holland’s dynamic capital city of 830, 000 people.

Language • If you have studied French, Italian or Dutch, you will have lots of opportunities to practice! Throughout Europe, and particularly in Holland, many people are able to communicate in English. Homestays in Italy are with families who are conversant in English.

“This trip really enabled me to explore European culture and to understand how different and how similar European culture is to American culture. One of the many highlights for me was the Holland bike trip. I thought that getting to travel around Holland the same way that the locals do was a very interesting experience and I was able to see a lot of Holland that I otherwise never would have been able to see.”

– Maxwell Seltzer, Scarsdale Senior High School, Scarsdale, NY

Climate • Summer in Europe is pleasant and warm. Afternoon temperatures range from the low 80s to the mid 90s, though it is cooler in the mountains, where it can be quite chilly at night.

Cuisine • Europe is a cornucopia of diverse culinary styles and regional specialties; reflections of the history, climate, customs and geography of each place. Delve into homemade pastas, pizzas and gelatos in Italy and the famous cheeses and pastries of Holland. Enjoy fresh baguettes and croissants in France and sample raclette and chocolate fondue in Switzerland.

Currency • In 2002, France, Italy, and Holland converted to the Euro (€) from the French Franc, the Italian Lira and the Dutch Guilder, respectively. Switzerland is not part of the European Union and maintains its own currency- the Swiss Franc (CHF). An ATM card is the best way to access cash in Europe. ATMs are readily available in all four countries.

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No, you can't get in to these programs. It's not

by DeadArtistsSoc

My opinion or my word. You can't. It's the way it works. If you don't believe me, try. Not an open admission place but one with a long long waiting list and portfolio review. Just an experiment. I know you don't hae any interest in learning these techniques. Neither do I.
I had a friend who was in her 40's and wanted desperately to study at a world famous academy in Europe. She had an MFA but its so unlikely for anyone over 40 to master sight-size and anatomy etc that she was refused -politely. She fought like a demon and attended summer programs. She wouldn't give up. Now she was in her early 40's so it wasn't like she was 50 or something so they gave in and lt...
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Summer Boarding schools, perferably in the states, canada or in europe!?

Well, ive decided with my parents that i should join a Summer boarding school. Im currently in 8th grade, and going to a public college prep school. But when in the summer i will be counted as a 9th grader. Does anybody have any suggestions for a Summer program, or summer boarding school suggestions?? Also, if they have any activities?? ANYTHING YOU SUGGEST THAT YOU HAVE GONE TOO! and also a mixed boys and girls boarding school.

There are many boarding schools in the US and Canada that offer a summer boarding program. Perhaps the best-known are Exeter, Andover, and Choate, but there are many more.

Go to and do a search of summer programs. Most summer programs have a focus on academics. There are some that focus on sports, writing, languages, etc.

If there is a specific area that interests you, post it. It might help narrow down your choices.

Top (international) boarding schools in Europe?

I'm going to be transferring soon to a boarding school in Europe and I'm deciding on which ones to apply to. Any suggestions?

-Tuition is of no relevance at the moment
-Preferably performing art high school, but doesn't have to be
-International if not in England
-Well known; good school in general

Thank you!

I'd recommend The Seven-Oaks School in England, Aiglon College in Switzerland and Le Rosey in Switzerland. Of all of these I like Le Rosey best. It's super expensive though, you said tuition wasn't an issue but all of these cost around 80.000-90.000 a year. But they are really nice. Le Rosey has two campuses; a winter campus at a luxury ski resort and a summer/fall one in a old chateau near Lake Geneva.

But if you're planning on transferring next fall you better send your application in right now, it might even be too late, especially for English ones, I remember one that…

Where can I find a summer holiday job as a teacher?

I am a teacher, and I am off from July 7th to August 22nd. Does anyone know where I can get a job abroad for those 6 weeks? I'm not bothered necessarily about pay, more about the travelling experience, and I don't want to pay to do it. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Go and work at an american summer camp
Go to Europe and work in a boarding school (either in the boarding house or as a teacher)
Go somewhere where it isn't 'summer break' and do some substitute teaching.

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