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CEPA aims for a transparent and unified Europe at the Economic

More liberal and unified regulation would benefit Europe’s aviation industry, the participants of the “Davos of Central Europe” economic forum, being held at Krynica, Poland– agreed.

During the forum’s aviation panel, organized by CEPA – the membership organisation for private aviation inCentral Europe– the participants also discussed the outlook for the industry and its challenges.

“The European Union’s regulation should be more liberal, ” said Rafal Baniak, the Undersecretary of State at the Polish Ministry of Treasury. Dagmar Grossmann, the founder of CEPA, supported this view.

“Air traffic and aviation regulations should run under common laws and bring tighter European unification, which would result in reduced costs and increased international transparency, ” Grossmann explained during the forum’s aviation panel.

The need for reform and greater transparency in general was a recurrent theme during the Economic Forum. “Reforms are necessary to increase the transparency of the fiscal system inPoland; we must also maintain absorptive internal market inPoland, ” said Polish president Bronislaw Komorowski in his opening speech.

Participants in the aviation panel also discussed the outlook for private aviation in the Central and Eastern European region, with some optimism. “Central and Eastern Europe is without a doubt one of the regions that has made the best recovery out of the recent recession, not only because of the low labour costs, high-quality technicians and a central location that are its hallmark, but also due to its moderate investment culture, ” said Grossmann during the panel session.

According to Grossmann the whole idea of “Eastern Europe” as a region with troubled economies that pose a threat to the rest of the European Union, is out of date. The statistics show that the expected average annual growth forecasted until 2018 is higher for countries in Eastern European zone.

“Poland’s forecast is optimistic and foresees an optimistic growth in air traffic projected until 2017, ” agreed Krzysztof Banaszek, president of the Polish Air Navigation Services Agency. This positive outlook is also reflected in the plan to open a second airport inLublin, Poland, by the end of this year.

Jan Pamula, the president of the Board of the John Paul II International Airport Krakow-Balice, questioned whether it was a good idea to launch a second or new airport, because the maintenance cost of the building is also an issue, not only its construction. “Airlines are not all coming intoPolandto commute, ” he said, but added that competition is always good since it pushes rivals to make improvements.

“It is not all about the airlines, ” pointed out Brendan Lodge, CEPA Chairman. According to him it is important not only to try to attract airlines to a new airport but also to build the necessary infrastructure to accommodate those that will be using the airport. “Aviation also brings business all year round on maintenance services, refurbishment, catering, and air traffic control, ” Lodge concluded.

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Edward Lucas (2014)

by gnostic2012

Edward Lucas is a senior editor at the Economist.
A former foreign correspondent with 30 years' experience in Russian and east European affairs, he is the author of, among other publications, Deception (2011), which deals with east-west espionage, and The New Cold War (2008), which gave warning of the threat posed by Vladimir Putin's Russia.
He is a non-resident fellow at CEPA, a think-tank in Washington, DC.
13 February 2014
Edward Lucas: The Snowden Operation

Some of my most respected colleagues tell a story that goes like this: Edward Snowden had a well-paid post inside American intelligence, as a contractor for the NSA

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Ballet Schools in Europe w/summer programs?

I was wondering about good ballet schools in Paris, France or Venice, Italy. I was also wondering if anyone has atteneded Ecole Superieure de Danse de Cannes ad if it was a good school with good training? Also does anyone know anything about the Conservatoire de Paris? The website is www.cnsmdp.fr
Is it hard to get into? Do they have a summer program? Please help?! Thank you!

Paris Conservatorie is like the french equivalent of Juilliard. In fact they even have a student exchange program with Juilliard. I believe they do have a summer program but it is very elite and not strictly ballet but contemporary focus like the Juilliard full time program.

I don't know too much about Ecole Superieure de Danse de Cannes. I do know they have a full time pre-professional program that includes academics and they also have what they call an amateur program similar to what we would call recreational ballet. I don't think you can just take class with the…

What is the difference between Balancine style ballet and Russian Vaganova technique?

I am going to attend PNB's summer program, and I would like to know how different the Balanchine style is from Russian and classical ballet. Is it harder or easier? I have been trained in the Vaganova mathod for many years, and any information or tips about PNB would be useful. Thank You!

Read this article and get the details about them:

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