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Summer Intensive

Princeton Ballet School Summer Intensive Programs Overview

Summer Intensive is a program of serious study in a warm and companionable atmosphere. The faculty provides caring and careful instruction conducive to technical and artistic progress. In seeking to maintain a feeling of community, Princeton Ballet School purposely limits the number of students in class. Mary Pat Robertson, Director, conducts auditions throughout the United States and Europe to select 100 students for the program. For students ages 13 and up, classes are held at the Princeton Studio location with optional housing at Princeton University.

Summer Intensive students may be considered for the American Repertory Ballet/Princeton Ballet School Trainee Program. Click here for more information about this program. Click here for audition information, including the international audition tour schedule.

Princeton Ballet School Cranbury Studio • 29 N. Main Street, Cranbury, NJ

Summer Intensive Intermediates is designed to offer the same careful, personal training that the Summer Intensive offers but with a shorter dance day, better suited to students ages 11-14.

Summer Intensive Juniors is for the strong intermediate dancer ages 9-11. The emphasis is on progressing technically; building strength and flexibility; increasing coordination and learning speed; and having fun together.

D- lots of things

by NeighborsCat

Study even harder
attempt to get internships for work experience
live in a frat house in boston over the summer (with other girls renting) instead of going home to mom's house
go junior year abroad and experience europe (I kick myself for not doing that)
have a more open mind about guys, and find a steady/serious BF.

Warning--after you have found "the" one

by bandgeek

There will still be times you wonder if you made the right decision!
I agree w/ techiemom--enjoy yourself! don't worry so much about the guys. Work on figuring out who YOU are! Trust me! I met my husband when I was 18, less than a month out of college. We have had many many ups and downs, some rather extreme! From time to time I still wish I had met him 5 years later! I never got to go to Vegas when my friends went. I haven't been to Europe for a study-abroad program. There are so many things you can do while you are young and unattached! Even still being a nanny! I had a friend from KS go to NYC to nanny for a family

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Ballet Schools in Europe w/summer programs?

I was wondering about good ballet schools in Paris, France or Venice, Italy. I was also wondering if anyone has atteneded Ecole Superieure de Danse de Cannes ad if it was a good school with good training? Also does anyone know anything about the Conservatoire de Paris? The website is
Is it hard to get into? Do they have a summer program? Please help?! Thank you!

Paris Conservatorie is like the french equivalent of Juilliard. In fact they even have a student exchange program with Juilliard. I believe they do have a summer program but it is very elite and not strictly ballet but contemporary focus like the Juilliard full time program.

I don't know too much about Ecole Superieure de Danse de Cannes. I do know they have a full time pre-professional program that includes academics and they also have what they call an amateur program similar to what we would call recreational ballet. I don't think you can just take class with the…

What is the difference between Balancine style ballet and Russian Vaganova technique?

I am going to attend PNB's summer program, and I would like to know how different the Balanchine style is from Russian and classical ballet. Is it harder or easier? I have been trained in the Vaganova mathod for many years, and any information or tips about PNB would be useful. Thank You!

Read this article and get the details about them:

Russian dance in the shadow of Balanchine
By Iris Fanger

NEW YORK – This year, ballet companies across the US and Europe are celebrating the centennial of choreographer George Balanchine, the father of neoclassical ballet. But the New York City Ballet (NYCB), Balanchine's former home, is not only presenting his works but featuring a world première about him, both to honor his vision and nudge the art form into the 21st century.
At least, that's the intent of Russian ballet master Boris Eifman,…

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