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Yorkshire Ballet Summer School

Dear Friends,

This year has seen an increase of applications for the Summer School, to double the amount in previous years. It was astonishing, wonderful in one respect but hard to have to turn so many away. We have had to reject over 100, usually it is in the region of around 30. Also I would say 75% of the applicants were new to us which means that word of mouth is spreading. There are a wide variety of nationalities from as far as Australia, Canada, Hong Kong and many from Europe. However, what always pleases me is that we still have many local and regional students applying.

The Scholarship Audition was very well attended too, over 80 students came and again from all over the country. There were many very talented applicants; happily for us we were able to give out 58 weeks’ worth of Scholarships and Bursaries, thanks to the extraordinary generosity of our devoted supporters. The panel of judges was Wayne Sleep, Elizabeth McGorian (The Royal Ballet), Laura Connor, Heather McCubbin and myself.

We have a very exciting teaching faculty this year. Laurent Novis, Paris Opera Ballet, Paul Lewis and David Pickering are all returning and are all superb teachers. Patricia Linton has been with us for the past few years and is much admired by the students and staff alike. Yosvani Ramos, a Cuban dancer, who was a Principal dancer with English National Ballet and is still at the height of his career, is joining us. He has had experience of teaching and enjoys it, so we are looking forward to his arrival very much. It is always exciting for the students to be taught by a working dancer who can demonstrate well.

We are fortunate to have been permitted to nominate Anya Sainsbury, Sir Anthony Dowell, Michael Nunn OBE, William Trevitt OBE, Kevin O’Hare and David Pickering as Patrons of YBSS. I was very touched when they all agreed so readily and with such warmth for the charity. Thrilling to have such luminaries.

I very much look forward to seeing you in the summer and at the Gala in September.

Warmest wishes

Marguerite Porter

An Autumn Gala of Dance and Song

Sadler's Wells 29 September at 7pm

Gala plans are coming along. We have some wonderful names who we are finalising details with and the enthusiasm they have all shown to come and give us their valuable time is truly heartening.

In addition to the names we have already announced, Samantha Bond and Wayne Sleep will reprise their rendition of Irving Berlin’s We’re A Couple of Swells. Steven McRae, Principal of The Royal Ballet, will be performing and Elizabeth Harrod, Soloist in The Royal Ballet, will dance a solo choreographed by Marguerite Porter to a song by Keaton Henson.

D- lots of things

by NeighborsCat

Study even harder
attempt to get internships for work experience
live in a frat house in boston over the summer (with other girls renting) instead of going home to mom's house
go junior year abroad and experience europe (I kick myself for not doing that)
have a more open mind about guys, and find a steady/serious BF.

Warning--after you have found "the" one

by bandgeek

There will still be times you wonder if you made the right decision!
I agree w/ techiemom--enjoy yourself! don't worry so much about the guys. Work on figuring out who YOU are! Trust me! I met my husband when I was 18, less than a month out of college. We have had many many ups and downs, some rather extreme! From time to time I still wish I had met him 5 years later! I never got to go to Vegas when my friends went. I haven't been to Europe for a study-abroad program. There are so many things you can do while you are young and unattached! Even still being a nanny! I had a friend from KS go to NYC to nanny for a family

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Ballet Intensieve courses in the UK, maybe europe ?

I was wanting to do a summer ballet course to give me a basic grasp of this dance style i am a 16 year old male if that helps, does anyone know of courses for begginers for this ?

Unfortunately most of the courses like Royal Ballet in the UK are highly selective and you have to have reached a certain level to get in. RAD do some more basic ones but you may be best to look more locally as some smaller dance schools do run their own courses in the summer which are just for fun and will give you an introduction, maybe of a variety of styles of dance. Another option is to just talk to some local schools and see if you can join regular classes.

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