Tips for Studying Abroad in Europe

Study Abroad Packing Tips: What to Pack (or Not!).

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You may think that you need your dictionary, guide book, and city map, but exploring the city and “living like a local” is the best way to figure it all out.

By Kaitlin Reilly, Temple University.

I’ll admit it: I am a serious over-packer. I’m the kind of the girl who will pack seven separate outfits for a weekend trip. The kind who never trusts that the hotel will have a reliable hairdryer. But after spending the past semester studying in Europe, I realized that my over-packing was kind of a problem. For one thing, my two HUGE suitcases took up nearly half of my teeny Rome apartment. In addition, I ended up with stuff left in my suitcase that I hadn’t even unpacked after nearly four months of living in Rome. I realized in about three weeks that I should have packed lighter and kept to the essentials. While the over-packer in me would leave you with a much longer list, I’ve since downsized. Here are some “must-haves” to make your time abroad easier… without going over the airline limit.

1. Toiletries that you “need” and can’t get in the country you’re staying in.

That’s not to say bring every single hair product that you’ve ever used, of course, but if you happen to be picky about shampoo, conditioner, or face wash, you may not be able to find “your brand” abroad. In that case, make space in your suitcase for a few bottles. I only used two bottles of my favorite conditioner, and it didn’t take up much room at all – just make sure to keep your liquids sealed in a plastic bag.

2. Two great weather-appropriate jackets.

The thing I wish I did before I got to Rome? Look up the weather. I assumed that Rome would be far less cold than it actually was and I wished I’d packed a heavier, waterproof coat, in addition to my wool jacket. My advice would be to figure out the weather in your country and bring one for the warmer months and one for the colder months.

3. A smaller duffel bag or backpack.

Even if you aren’t planning on traveling very much over break, having a backpack or duffel bag that meets airline requirements and is comfortable to haul is a great option to have.

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D- lots of things

by NeighborsCat

Study even harder
attempt to get internships for work experience
live in a frat house in boston over the summer (with other girls renting) instead of going home to mom's house
go junior year abroad and experience europe (I kick myself for not doing that)
have a more open mind about guys, and find a steady/serious BF.

Warning--after you have found "the" one

by bandgeek

There will still be times you wonder if you made the right decision!
I agree w/ techiemom--enjoy yourself! don't worry so much about the guys. Work on figuring out who YOU are! Trust me! I met my husband when I was 18, less than a month out of college. We have had many many ups and downs, some rather extreme! From time to time I still wish I had met him 5 years later! I never got to go to Vegas when my friends went. I haven't been to Europe for a study-abroad program. There are so many things you can do while you are young and unattached! Even still being a nanny! I had a friend from KS go to NYC to nanny for a family

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Any tips for study abroad students?

I am going to Spain tomorrow to live with a host family for five weeks and study Spanish and history in a university. I've never really stayed at a stranger's house for that long- should I get a gift for them?? a thank-you card? do I have to eat meals, observe their religious rituals, etc? I am pretty clueless about what to expect so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

I would most definately get the family a thank you gift. If you haven't, learn about the culture of the city you're staying in. I would make it a point to eat meals with them, talk with them and get to know the family. I however, would not strictly observe their religious rituals. I'd observe and try them, to learn more about them. Definately bring a power converter!!

Study Abroad: Europe?

I'm gonna be a college freshman and I've heard that studying abroad is a good idea.
Can anyone give me any tips, advice, stories, etc?
I would really love to visit the UK

Specifically, any good programs at
UC Davis, SD, LA, or Berkeley?

I went to UC San Diego and I spent a year in the UK, here are some tips:

How to Be an Exchange Student in Another Country

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