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Best Master's Degrees in UK 2014/2015

MasterThe United Kingdom, located off the west coast of Europe, is one of the world’s most prestigious places to study for a master’s degree. The UK boasts a long and inspiring history that is clearly visible throughout the country, from the ancient formations at Stonehenge to the ultra-modern facilities built for the 2012 Olympics. The UK is at the forefront of higher education and has been for many centuries. The United Kingdom is synonymous with famous schools, charming villages, rolling hills, traditional pubs and a highly-exported culture of media, music, art, fashion and politics. In addition, the UK is home to some of the most prestigious universities in the world with many top experts in several fields of study. A Master Degree in UK will be a culturally and intellectually stimulating experience.

The UK uses the traditional three-tiered bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees and has nearly 300 universities and higher education institutions. Admission to a master’s program typically requires an application and proof of bachelor’s degree along with, in some cases, exams such as the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) or the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT). Non-native English speakers will also usually be required to demonstrate some level of proficiency on an exam before they are admitted to a program. Students should be sure to check with each institution where they are applying, because the entrance exams and English proficiency requirements vary widely by school and program of study. Some schools exempt graduates of UK universities from entrance exams.

Tuition and fees for master’s degrees vary widely as they are set by the specific program, school and nationality of the student. UK and EU/EEA/Switzerland citizens pay £3, 500 to £9, 000 per year, while international students pay £3, 500 to £18, 000 per year. However, scholarships are available for all students, and some scholarship programs are designated specifically for international students.

Many master’s programs in the UK can be completed in as little as one year, although some master’s degrees require two years of study. There are generally three types of master’s degrees. A “taught master’s” program results in a Master of Arts, Master of Science or specialty masters and typically requires one year of coursework and a research project. A “research master’s” program results in a Master of Research and also takes one year, but the entire year is devoted to research and a dissertation. Master of Business Administration (MBA) programs are very popular and take from 1-2 years to complete. The UK provides an extremely welcoming environment for international students. More than 430, 000 students from 180 different countries attend UK higher education institutes every year.

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Art school abroad??

by walkslikethenight

I have an undergrad degree in fine arts, and was thinking about studying abroad for either my masters or a certificate program. alas, it is pretty hard to find resources on higher education in european countries when one does not speak other languages, know reputations, etc. does anyone know of any reputable schools in italy/france especially, or any resources that might provide such information (rankings are always a plus)

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